Travel Iceland YOUR WAY with the MY WAY GPS tour guide

MY WAY is a new travelling experience, whereby you are your own tour guide in Iceland. My Way mixes GPS technology with traditional storytelling by mapping your geographical locations and recognises the position of the your hire car at any given time. My Way then plays audio specific to your location, such as facts and figures, history, and geography.

The My Way device fits in any car just like any normal GPS navigation unit, and offers three different preprogramed tours; Golden Circle tour; South Shore tour; and Reykjanes Peninsula tour.

As the My Way audio device works like any other GPS navigation system, the commentary on the device starts and stops when your decide to stop travelling and automatically starts up when travelling recommences. This allows you to leave the car, go for a walk, eat lunch, or just stop and rest at your own pace without missing a thing!


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     Golden Circle

     Reykjanes Peninsula

     South Shore