We offer variety of products to make your trip as worry free and pleasurable possible

Protect your children at all times

Nothing matters more than your children‘s safety. Icelandic law requires that children must be seated in a safety seat. When you book a rental car with us, make sure you request a safety seat for each child travelling with you.

There are three different options available, depending on the age or height of the child. You can choose the seat you need while making your online reservation.


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Find your way across Iceland

A GPS navigation system will allow you to find your way across Iceland.  Travelling with a GPS can make your holiday easier and cheaper, as you won‘t waste time driving round in circles looking for a place of interest.

Renting a GPS navigation system along with your car will take you to any address in Iceland. Just type in the location you are heading to and the GPS system  will guide you with ease. 


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My Wi Fi that connects up to 10 devices

My Wi Fi is a wireless modem that provides internet connection anywhere in Iceland. 

You can top it up all around the country.

Rent a My Wi Fi with your car and dont worry about Wi fi connections at hotels or other places because you will have it with you wherever you go.


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Additional Driver

Have your travel companion share the load of driving as driving in Iceland can be stressful and tiring as well. By sharing the drive, you lower the risk of having an accident. 

Please be  aware that if an undeclared driver has an accident, the insurance is automatically invalidated. 

The charge for an additional driver is serves to cover the second driver under the same agreement as the main driver. 


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