Hotel Shuttle

Temporarily unavailable due to COVID-19 😷

Hotel Pick-Up

We offer FREE pick-up from hotels and guesthouses located in the Reykjavík Downtown Area to our Reykjavík Downtown Office.
The hotel or guesthouse must be clearly marked and be accessible by car. If your hotel or guesthouse does not meet these requirements, please contact our call centre.

For pick-ups, please book in advance via email or phone.

Hotel Drop-Off

Any good Hotel Shuttle Service isn't complete without a ride back. When you return your rental vehicle we will drive you back to a hotel or guesthouse of your choice in the greater Reykjavík Downtown Area.

Drop-off is available without booking for returns before 17:00 (5 PM).

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General Information

We guarantee pick-up and drop off for the renter and one bag. If you intend to register additional drivers, please bring their driving licences and passports (Photocopies are not accepted).

Hotel Pick-ups are available from 09:00 (9 AM) until 16:00 (4 PM) and Drop-offs from 09:00 (9 AM) until 17:00 (5 PM).

Valid pick-up locations are, registered hotel or guesthouse that are clearly marked and visible, accessible by car, and located in the Reykjavík Downtown Area (Postal codes 101, 102 and 105).

Valid drop-off locations are the any valid pick-up locations as well as landmarks in the Reykjavík Downtown Area with safe parking.