Tearms and Conditions

Tearms and Conditions

Additional driver

Additional drivers can be added for 900 ISK per day, up to a maximum charge of 7 days – 6.300 ISK.
Any additional drivers must be present when you collect the car. All drivers must meet our conditions of rental.


You must be at least 20 years old to rent passenger cars or 23 years to rent jeeps and vans. You may rent certain jeeps between 20 and 22 years of age. In this case a young driver surcharge of ISK 1.000 per day applies.

Driving License

The driver must present a valid driver’s licence held for a minimum of one year. An International Driving Permit is also required if the national driver’s licence is not in the Roman script (for example in Cyrillic or Chinese script).
Vehicles for nine passengers and more require a D driving licence or a B licence which has been issued before March 1988.

Payment options

No rentals can take place without the main driver having a major credit card present issued in his name. Acceptable credit cards are: MasterCard, Visa, American Express and Diners Club. Prepaid credit cards cannot be accepted!
An authorization from the credit card will be taken at the start of all rentals as a deposit even if the cost of the rental is covered by a voucher. This deposit may be used to cover the insurance excess and any extra charges such as petrol and traffic tickets. Payment by cash or debit cards is not accepted at any time.

Taking your vehicle outside the country

Vehicles must not be taken out of the country of rental.

Insurances - waiver and protection options


Collision Damage Waiver reduces your liability if the vehicle is damaged. If the vehicle is damaged you will pay the cost of repair up to the excess amount, ranging from 195.000 to 360.000 ISK, depending on the car size.
CDW is available at this location. The costs and excess charges are detailed in the table below. If your rate includes CDW this cost is already included in your rental price.


Super CDW reduces the excess you would pay if the vehicle is damaged. The reduced excess amount ranges from 25.000 to 55.000 ISK, depending on the car size.


Theft Protection reduces your liability if the vehicle is stolen (subject to an excess ranging from 195.000 to 360.000 ISK, depending on the car size.


Personal Accident Insurance is included in the rental price.
The maximum coverage in case of disability (per person) is 1.500.000.000 ISK.
The maximum coverage in case of death (per person) is 1.500.000.000 ISK.


Third Party Liability covers drivers in case of damage, including damage to passengers and their property, when using our vehicles. Third Party Liability is included in the rental price.
The maximum coverage in case of damage to property is 250.000.000 ISK.
The maximum coverage in case of personal injury is 1.500.000.000 ISK.
The maximum coverage in case of death is 1.500.000.000 ISK.

Negligent and wilful damage is not covered by CDW and TP.

Delivery and collection

A free pick up service from Hotels and Guesthouses is provided on request in Reykjavík.

Fuel charges

Vehicles are supplied with a full tank of fuel at the start of the rental. To avoid refuelling charges please return the car with a full tank of fuel.

Collecting and returning your vehicle

If you are delayed and arrive outside of office hours due to a delayed flight no additional charge will apply. This only applies if you enter your flight number when booking.
If you are late we will guarantee your rental for 24 hours. After this time your reserved car may be released and rented to another customer.


If the vehicle is returned outside of office hours the driver is liable for damage or theft until the car has been inspected by a member of our staff.
You may return the vehicle out of hours if you request this at the time of booking. There is no charge for this service.
Keys can be deposited in the key drop box at the rental location as per the rental agent’s instructions.

Pre-pay terms & conditions

This online reservation facility (whether the reservation is confirmed or not) does not constitute a contract for the supply of vehicle rental services. A contract will be entered into at the time of rental and will be governed by the laws of the country of rental. In the event that we are unable, or at our discretion decline to provide rental services, a full refund of the prepaid amount will be made.

Our prepaid vouchers showing a specified value will be accepted as a means of payment of the reservation charges at rental counters. The voucher must be accompanied by a credit card both for security and to cover the charges not included in the voucher value, such as fuel, extras, and excess in case of damage or loss of the rented vehicle.

All rentals may be subject to additional surcharges (e.g. for special equipment, additional drivers, young drivers, optional insurances, fuel etc.). You will also be subject to standard rental conditions as to eligibility to rent including (but not limited to) the possession of a valid driver’s license, the satisfaction of minimum age requirements and arrangements regarding payment of rental charges (including pre-authorised charges and credit checks where applicable) that we require. You must fulfil all rental qualifications and requirements at the time of pick-up; it will not be sufficient for you to meet them at the time of reservation.

The voucher is valid only for the dates and value specified.


If a prepaid reservation needs to be amended, the original voucher will be cancelled, the original amount refunded by means of a credit to the customer's credit card. A new voucher will be issued showing a value to reflect the modified reservation. The customer's credit card will be debited with the new charge.
Administration charges will not apply to amended bookings, unless the amendment significantly changes the original booking, in which case it will be subject to the cancellation fee detailed below.
All requests to amend a booking will be subject to normal availability of the requested vehicle.
Prices may change between the date of the original booking and the amended booking, in which case the later prices will apply.


Customers may cancel a prepaid booking free of charge and receive a full refund, provided that we are advised 3 days prior to pick-up date. For cancellations of rentals with less than 3 days’ notice, an administration charge of 40 EUR will be applied.

Unused days / No shows

There will be no refund for unused car rental days on a prepaid voucher, once the rental has started.
There will be no refund if the customer fails to show for a rental that has not been cancelled prior to the start date.


If a rental needs to be extended once the car has been picked up, local rental rates and policies will apply for the additional days and the additional charges will be settled by customer's credit card. Extensions are subject to availability.